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Bowling Averages Unveiled: From Beginners to Pros

Bowling Averages Across Skill Levels

Bowling is a sport that everyone can enjoy. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, there is always room for improvement.

In this article, we will explore bowling averages across different skill levels and discuss the scoring boundaries for various levels of aptitude. What Is an Average Score in Bowling?

For those who are new to bowling, it can be challenging to determine what an average score is. An average score in bowling is around 130-150.

However, this is just a rough estimate as many factors can affect a bowler’s score. Some of these factors include the bowler’s skill level, the amount of practice previous to the game, and the type of ball used.

Amateur Bowler Average

Amateur bowlers are generally new to the sport and have not yet honed their aptitude. It is essential to have an understanding of the scoring boundaries to set realistic expectations for beginner bowlers.

Scoring Boundaries for Beginners

Beginner bowlers typically bowl scores ranging from 70-100. It is normal for beginners to start with low scores, and it can be challenging to get the ball down the lane and avoid the gutters.

One of the reasons why many beginners struggle with gutter balls is because they are not yet adept at releasing the ball with proper timing or spin.

Scores for Intermediate Bowlers

Intermediate bowlers are those who have some prior experience with the sport and have begun to develop their aptitude. While the scores may seem low at first, with practice, intermediate bowlers can improve their score significantly.

Intermediate scores are typically between 110-130. Intermediate bowlers can control the ball’s speed and spin, allowing them to avoid the gutters more consistently.

They can also make adjustments to their throwing style and ball selection, making them more versatile on different lane conditions.

Above-Average Amateur Scores

For those who have been bowling consistently but are not yet considered professionals, scores between 140-170 are considered above average. An above-average amateur bowler has spent many hours practicing and refining their skills, allowing them to score higher.

Their scores reflect not only their raw talent but also their dedication to the sport of bowling.

League Bowler Average

For those who are more serious about bowling, joining a league may be a good option. League bowlers play in organized games, which can provide a competitive atmosphere that encourages improvement.

League bowlers have scores that range from 170-210. These bowlers have a consistent release, developed their arm swing, and have devised strategies around lane conditions.

They can also choose the right ball type based on the conditions, further improving their aptitude.

Pro Bowler Average

Professional bowlers are the best of the best in the sport and have dedicated their lives to the game. They are among the most skilled and experienced players, able to bowl scores well above the average.

Pro bowlers typically score between 220-230. They possess a high level of aptitude, honed through thousands of hours of practice and competition.

Their technique is flawless, and they have complete control over the ball’s speed, spin, and trajectory.


In conclusion, bowling can be a fun and rewarding sport. It requires a combination of strategy, endurance, and skill to succeed.

Understanding the scoring boundaries for your skill level can help set realistic expectations for yourself, encouraging you to continue to improve. So take your time, practice, and enjoy the game of bowling.

League Bowler Average

League bowling provides opportunity for avid bowlers to participate in competitive play and aim for improvement. In this section, we will delve into the average scores for league play, scores that are considered very good, and discuss exceptional league bowlers.

Average Scores in League Play

League play is often more competitive than casual play as bowlers aim to improve their skills while competing against others. The average score for league bowlers is around 180-200.

However, this varies depending on the skill level of the league. For instance, a more competitive league may have higher average scores than a casual league.

Playing in a league provides an opportunity for players to compete regularly, thus making it ideal for those who wish to get better at bowling. A league format often necessitates consistent and accurate shots, a player needs to have a well-honed technique with the right ball and good reaction time.

Very Good Scores in League Play

Scores ranging between 200-230 are considered very good in league play. These players have refined their techniques, possess excellent timing and control, and have acquired a solid understanding of the characteristics of the bowling ball and their lane.

One way to improve your average score in the league would be through practice, developing a ball arsenal, and understanding the conditions of the lane in which you’re about to play. Players who achieve this level possess advanced skills, including their approach, release strategy and adjustments based on changing lane conditions.

These bowlers have consistently high scores, rarely falling below the average for league play.

Exceptional League Bowlers

Exceptional league bowlers have scores exceeding 230 and above. These players have mastered all aspects of the game and are consistently able to perform against the toughest competitors.

Exceptional league bowlers have honed their mental game, able to overcome distractions and pressure. Their advanced physical skill allows them to alter their shots and adapt to the ever-changing lane conditions.

Bowlers who reach this level of skill can be considered dynamos of the game, oftentimes their peers look up to them for inspiration and insight into their technique.

Pro Bowler Average

Professional bowling is where some of the most skilled bowlers in the world compete for prize money. Only the most elite bowlers can compete at this level, making for unprecedented levels of competition.

In this section, we will explore the average scores for professional bowlers, the odds of a perfect game, and the rarity of perfect games.

Average Scores for Professional Bowlers

Professional bowlers are often considered the best of the best at the sport. Their scores are a reflection of their exceptional competence and mastery over the sport.

Pro bowlers generally score between 230-250, making for a high level of excitement in every shot. Bowling at this level requires a perfect blend of accuracy, precision, and strategy.

Only those who have spent years honing their craft can feature at such a level.

Odds of a Perfect Game

A perfect game in bowling implies rolling 300 points throughout 10 frames by bowling 12 consecutive strikes. While a perfect game is the ultimate goal for every professional bowler, it is statistically tough to achieve.

The odds of scoring a perfect game for a seasoned pro is around 1 in 500. Professional bowlers must not only avoid pitfalls such as splits but must also maintain their performance to reach the final frame.

A last-minute miss could result in a score of 299, resulting in disappointment and lost chance at perfection.

Rarity of Perfect Games

While it might appear feasible to score a perfect game occasionally, in reality, perfect games are truly rare. It is considered prohibitively difficult to surpass consecutive strikes in top-level play, making every perfect game an extraordinary accomplishment.

There have been fewer than 50 300 games bowled on television in professional play since the inception of the Professional Bowlers Association back in the 1950s. To make it even more challenging, the definition of professional bowling has been extended to amateur bowlers, making the level of competition much tougher.


In conclusion, the level of scoring for all bowlers varies significantly depending on multiple factors, including skill, practice, and competition. While bowling averages can indicate a player’s skill level, it’s the quality of their gameplay that really matters.

With increased practice, a better understanding of the technical aspects of the game, and learning to adapt to different lane conditions, reaching higher levels of skill is achievable for every bowler. Whether in a casual league or at the pro level, setting and achieving personal goals for improvement is critical to the long-term success and enjoyment of bowling.

In conclusion, knowing the average scores for bowling across different skill levels, and understanding what separates a good score from an excellent one, is vital in refining one’s bowling ability and expectations. League play provides a competitive atmosphere for bowlers, while professional play gives a glimpse of the ultimate level of play.

Taking regular practice, studying your shots and lanes, honing mental and physical game, can lead to improvements in your score. Lastly, a perfect game is challenging to achieve and rare but still remains the ultimate goal.


1. What is an average score in bowling?

Ans: An average score in bowling is around 130-150, depending on different factors. 2.

What is a good score in league play? Ans: Scores ranging between 200-230 are considered good in league play.

3. How do pro bowlers score?

Ans: Professional bowlers score between 230-250 on average, with 1 in 500 chances of scoring a perfect game. 4.

What determines an exceptional league bowler? Ans: An exceptional league bowler has scores exceeding 230 and above, mastered all aspects of the game, and overcome pressure and distractions.

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