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Get a Handle on Bowling Towels: Understanding Types and Materials

Bowling is not only a fun activity but also a sport that requires skill, strategy, and the right equipment. Competitive bowlers understand the importance of having the best equipment to achieve success, and one essential item in every bowler’s toolkit is a bowling towel.

In this article, we’ll delve into what bowling towels are used for, the types of towels available, and how they can help make your game more efficient. What Are Bowling Towels Used For?

Bowling towels come in handy for a myriad of reasons. They are a versatile piece of essential equipment that every serious bowler should have in their bag.

Here are some of the main functions of a bowling towel:

Wiping down bowling balls

One of the crucial things that bowling towels are used for is wiping down bowling balls. The material of the ball and the lane can create a build-up of oil, dirt, and other forms of grease, making the ball slippery.

Using a bowling towel to wipe down the surface of the ball gets rid of any debris, guarantees a smoother roll, and improves delivery.

Cleaning the bowling lane

Just like the ball, the lane can also accumulate oil, dust, and dirt. When this happens, the ball can grip, and the shot becomes less smooth, affecting performance.

Using a towel to wipe down the lane periodically is vital.

Ball maintenance

Bowling balls need regular maintenance to prolong their lifespan. Using a bowling towel is an effective way to keep your ball in the best condition possible.

A clean ball grips the lane better, improving accuracy, the release, and overall performance.

Types of Bowling Towels

There are three main types of bowling towels available, each with its benefits:

Cotton towels

These towels are affordable and easy to clean. They are also incredibly absorbent and have a soft texture that won’t scratch your ball’s surface.

However, cotton towels can get clogged quickly with oil and dirt, and they tend to wear out faster than other materials.

Leather towels

Leather towels are popular among seasoned bowlers. They are incredibly durable and can handle frequent use and abuse.

Additionally, leather towels are heat resistant, making them suitable for cleaning balls after a game. However, leather towels are expensive and require frequent maintenance.

Microfiber towels

Microfiber towels are the favorite choice of modern bowlers. They are highly absorbent and ultra-soft, making them perfect for wiping down balls and lanes.

Additionally, they are made of synthetic materials that won’t wear out quickly, provide better grip, and possess impressive durability. They are lightweight, easy to clean, and comfortable to use.

Microfiber towels offer the best of both worlds in terms of convenience and effectiveness. Conclusion:

Bowling towels are essential to maintaining the perfect form and controlling ball speed.

They are an investment that goes a long way toward enhancing performance. Choosing the right material is often a matter of personal preference and budget.

So, next time you go to the bowling alley, remember that adding a bowling towel to your arsenal might be just what you need to up your game.

Types of Bowling Towels

Bowling towels come in various types, each serving a specific function and preference. Here are the most common types of bowling towels:

Bowling Shammy/Chamois

Bowling shammy or chamois towels are made from cowhide leather.

They are ultra-absorbent and are excellent at getting rid of oil and dirt build-up, making them suitable for wiping bowling balls. In addition, they are used for cleaning up any spills or drips on the lane, keeping it dry and oil-free.

Bowling shammy towels are durable and can withstand frequent use but require special care to maintain their effectiveness.

Microfiber Towel

Microfiber towels are the go-to towels for modern bowlers. They are made of synthetic materials with ultra-fine fibers that are excellent at trapping dust, dirt, and moisture.

Microfiber towels can easily remove any build-up on the ball’s surface, and they don’t leave behind any loose fibers that could scratch it. Additionally, microfiber towels are perfect for wiping away sweat, shining up bowling shoes, and getting rid of small scuffs on the ball’s surface.

They are easy to clean, lightweight, and come in various colors and sizes.

Cotton Towel

Cotton towels are the most common type of bowling towel available. They are made from natural fibers and are durable and reliable.

Cotton towels come in different sizes, and most are available in larger sizes than other types of towels, providing maximum coverage when wiping down a bowling ball. These towels are excellent for removing grime, sweat, and dirt, and can effectively clean up spills on the lane, but are not as absorbent as other materials.

Materials Used in Bowling Towels

The materials used to make bowling towels can vary, and each material has its strengths and weaknesses. Here are the most common materials used to make bowling towels:


Cotton towels are made from natural fibers derived from the cotton plant.

Cotton is known for its durability, breathability, and absorbency, making cotton towels an excellent choice for wiping down bowling balls.

However, cotton towels can get saturated quickly and are prone to shrinkage when washed frequently.


Leather towels are considered the most durable and long-lasting of all types of bowling towels.

Leather towels are made from cowhide leather and are best suited for wiping down bowling balls. They are good at absorbing oil and dirt, which can cause balls to stick or slide down the lane.

However, leather towels require special care, often require conditioning, and have a higher cost than other materials.


Polyester towels are made from synthetic fibers, making them lightweight and absorbent. They are less prone to shrinking and are excellent for picking up dirt, grease, and oil on the ball’s surface.

Polyester towels are perfect for a quick wipe-down on the go, but they can have static build-up, which can cause lint to cling to the ball. Conclusion:

Bowling towels are a necessity for every bowler, from beginners to professionals.

Choosing the right type of towel can greatly impact one’s performance and provide longer-lasting equipment. With the various types of bowling towels and materials, it’s essential to find a towel that suits your preferences.

From cleaning to maintaining equipment, bowling towels have practical and versatile applications that contribute to an overall better game.

Popular Brands of Bowling Towels

There are several popular brands of bowling towels available in the market. Here are a few brands that stand out:


Storm is a well-respected brand in the bowling industry, and their towels reflect their reputation for quality products.

Storm’s collection includes a range of microfiber, shammy pads, and premium towels.

They offer an extensive selection of high-performance towels that cater to bowlers of all skill levels.

Storm also offers unique towels with creative designs and colors and are widely popular among the bowling community.


Brunswick is another well-known brand in the bowling industry offering a diverse selection of bowling towels.

Brunswick’s selection includes premium woven towels, leather shammy towels, microfiber towels, and micro-suede towels.

Brunswick also offers a few unique towels, such as the seesaw towel, designed to keep bowling balls rotating on the spot, making it easier to wipe down the ball surface.

Brunswick’s towels are designed to cater to bowlers’ specific needs and preferences.


Hammer is a popular bowling equipment brand known for its high-quality products. Their selection of bowling towels includes microfiber towels, white and black woven towels, and shammy pads.

Hammer offers their towels with unique graphics, making their products popular among bowlers.

Product Selection of Each Brand

Storm offers the following types of towels:

Microfiber designed to provide maximum coverage for wiping down balls. Shammy Pads offer the best absorbency to clean oil and grease build-up.

Premium Towels- available in different materials and sizes to cater to personal preferences.

Brunswick offers the following types of towels:

Woven – made from high-quality fibers and come in white and black colors. They are suitable for wiping down balls and providing maximum coverage.

Leather Shammy – offers excellent absorbency for cleaning up oil and other build-ups. Microfiber and Micro-Suede – designed to provide a more gentle touch while cleaning balls and properly absorbing liquids.

Hammer offers the following types of towels:

Microfiber – designed to provide comfortable usage and efficient cleaning. Woven Towels – available in different sizes and colors to cater to more in-depth cleaning needs.

Shammy Pads – provides superior absorbency for cleaning tough spots.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying Bowling Towels

There are several factors to consider when purchasing bowling towels:


The towels’ durability is essential when considering how often they will be used. Shammy towels are known to be durable and last for a long time, while microfiber towels might wear out fast.


The cost of the towel depends on its quality, brand name, and the number of towels available for purchase. Shammy towels tend to be more expensive, while microfiber towels are less expensive.


The size of the towel is a crucial consideration. Larger towels offer more coverage and can accommodate more efficient cleaning.

However, smaller towels provide greater finger-contact for a better grip on the ball when wiping it down.

Durability of Different Types of Towels

Shammy Towels

Shammy towels are considered the most durable type of towel. They are made from cowhide leather and can withstand frequent use and washing without wearing down.

Shammy towels require specific care, such as air-drying and frequent conditioning.

Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels are known for their absorbency and effectiveness. They are durable, but their effectiveness decreases over time due to the accumulation of lint and debris.

Cost Factors in Buying Bowling Towels

The cost of bowling towels can vary based on specific factors, including:


Higher quality towels tend to be more expensive. They are made from better materials, offering improved cleaning and absorption capabilities.

Brand Name

Brand name towels tend to be more expensive since they have been produced by well-known and respected companies that produce high-quality products.


Buying in bulk offers a better value compared to buying one towel at a time.


The cost of the towel depends on the material used. Shammy towels are often more expensive than microfiber towels.

Size Options for Bowling Towels

Towels come in various dimensions, with larger towels providing more coverage and smaller towels allowing for better finger contact and a tighter grip. Typically, towels come in dimensions ranging from 16 inches by 16 inches to 12 inches by 12 inches.

It’s important to select a towel with the appropriate dimensions that cater to individual needs. Conclusion:

Bowling towels are an essential piece of equipment for any bowler.

It’s crucial to consider factors such as durability, cost, and size when purchasing a bowling towel. Popular brands such as


Brunswick, and

Hammer offer a wide selection of towels that cater to bowlers’ specific needs.

When selecting the right bowling towel, factors such as durability and materials should be considered. Larger towels offer more coverage, while smaller towels provide better finger contact when wiping down the ball.

Overall, a bowler should select a bowling towel that provides optimal performance and fits individual preferences. In summary, bowling towels are essential equipment for bowlers of all levels.

They help maintain and enhance equipment performance, and their selection depends on individual preferences and needs. Popular brands like


Brunswick, and

Hammer offer a range of highly effective towels made from different materials such as cotton, leather, and polyester.

When looking for a bowling towel, important considerations include durability, cost, and size. Overall, choosing the perfect towel can improve your game and ensure a better experience on the lane.


Q: What is the importance of bowling towels in bowling? A: Bowling towels are essential to maintaining the perfect form and controlling ball speed.

They help remove oil, dirt, and debris from the bowling ball’s surface, providing maximum grip on the lane for a smoother roll. Q: What types of bowling towels are available in the market?

A: The most common types of bowling towels include cotton, leather, and microfiber towels. Q: Which brands offer the best selection of bowling towels?

A: Popular brands like


Brunswick, and

Hammer offer a wide range of highly effective towels catering to the specific needs of individual bowlers. Q: How do I choose the perfect bowling towel for my needs?

A: When choosing a bowling towel, it’s essential to consider factors like durability, cost, and size. Selecting a towel made from suitable materials that cater to your preferences ensures maximum performance on the lane.

Q: How often should I replace my bowling towels? A: The lifespan of a bowling towel depends on factors such as materials and frequency of use.

Shammy towels tend to be more durable and can last for a long time with proper care, while microfiber towels might wear out fast and require frequent replacement.

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