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Shake up Your Cheer Routine with These Top Pom Pom Picks

Pom Poms have been an essential accessory in cheerleading for decades. When it comes to cheerleading, the pom poms add an extra dose of excitement, color, and fun to the performance.

Whether you’re cheering on a football team, competing in a competition, or performing at a school event, Pom Poms are an absolute must-have for any cheerleading routine.

Use of Pom Poms

The primary use of Pom Poms is to attract attention and add flair to a cheerleading routine. They are a great way to pump up the team’s spirit and keep the crowd engaged.

A well-choreographed cheer routine with Pom Poms can leave the crowd in awe. The colorful, rhythmic, and synchronized movements of the Pom Poms bring the cheerleaders’ energy to life.

Types of Pom Poms

Pom Poms come in different types and colors. The most common types of Pom Poms are plastic, metallic, and holographic.

Plastic Pom Poms

Plastic Pom Poms are less expensive compared to the other kinds. They are perfect for schools on a tight budget, beginner cheer teams, or basic cheer routines.

They have a matte finish with solid or two-tone colors. They’re easy to maintain since they don’t require much cleaning, and they come in varying sizes, making them a perfect fit for any cheerleader.

While plastic Pom Poms are affordable, they are less durable compared to metallic and holographic Pom Poms. The plastic strands may break after consistent use, making the Pom Poms look less fluffy and attractive.

Metallic Pom Poms

Metallic Pom Poms are made of shiny, reflective material that provides an eye-catching look. They are heavier than plastic Pom Poms, making them swing differently when used in a routine.

The metallic fibers on these Pom Poms are more durable and can withstand more intense use. They are an excellent choice for cheer teams that do a lot of outdoor performances as the shiny material helps catch the sun’s rays and reflect them back.


Metallic Pom Poms may be more expensive than other types.

Holographic Pom Poms

Holographic Pom Poms are the flashiest and brightest type of Pom Poms. They have a beautiful shine and light reflection that reflects a rainbow color.

These Pom Poms, like

Metallic Pom Poms, are quite durable and can withstand heavy use. They are perfect for indoor performances as they reflect light differently.

They are a bit pricier than plastic Pom Poms, but their quality makes them a great investment.

Popular Pom Pom Brands

Several companies make Pom Poms suitable for cheerleading routines. The following are two of the most popular Pom Pom brands:


OmniCheer has been in business since 1989 and is one of the most popular cheerleading gear companies in the market. They provide a variety of Pom Poms suitable for different cheerleading requirements and preferences.

Their products are affordable and often come with discounts or promotions.


Andersons is another long-standing company that has been providing cheerleading gear since 1965. They offer different types of Pom Poms at varied prices to suit different budgets.

Andersons have a broad range of Pom Poms, including custom options, allowing cheer teams to design unique Pom Poms.

Considerations When Purchasing Pom Poms

When purchasing Pom Poms, several things need to be considered.


The durability of the Pom Poms is crucial since cheerleaders often use them aggressively.

Metallic Pom Poms are more durable than plastic Pom Poms, while

Holographic Pom Poms are even more durable.


The cost of Pom Poms also plays a significant role in the decision-making process.

Plastic Pom Poms are the most affordable, with

Holographic Pom Poms being the most expensive.


Different cheerleading routines may require different Pom Pom sizes. Cheerleading companies provide Pom Poms in different sizes to suit different requirements.

In conclusion, Pom Poms have remained a staple in cheerleading routines for good reasons. They add excitement, color, and a fantastic visual energy to the beautiful art of cheerleading.

Cheerleading teams need to consider different factors when selecting Pom Poms, including durability, cost, and size. The right choice of Pom Poms can lead to a great performance and a memorable experience for both cheerleaders and spectators alike.

Pom Poms are an essential part of cheerleading, and the type of Pom Poms you choose can greatly influence your overall performance. Metallic and

Holographic Pom Poms have become popular in recent years due to their flashy appearance, reliability and durability.

Metallic Pom Poms

The shiny and reflective surface of

Metallic Pom Poms makes them stand out from other types of Pom Poms. They are perfect for outdoor performances since their reflective surface catches the sunlight and other natural light sources, creating a stunning visual display.


Metallic Pom Poms come in various light-reflecting shades and colors, including silver, gold, and copper. The durability of

Metallic Pom Poms makes them a great choice for cheerleading routines. They are more durable compared to plastic Pom Poms, but not as much as

Holographic Pom Poms. The metallic fibers on these Pom Poms are strong and can withstand repeated usage over time.

However, metallic Pom Poms are a bit heavier than plastic ones and might not be suitable for some cheer routines that require a lot of arm movements.


Metallic Pom Poms fall in the mid-range category, making them more affordable compared to

Holographic Pom Poms but costlier than plastic ones. The cost-to-quality ratio is valuable and proves to be more beneficial in the long run.

Holographic Pom Poms

Holographic Pom Poms are the most vibrant and eye-catching type of Pom Poms. The rainbow tint adds to the sparkle and shimmer effect that makes them unique.

They are perfect for indoor performances, where light reflection takes on a different dimension. The holographic fiber on these Pom Poms is highly reflective, making them scintillatingly attractive.

The durability of

Holographic Pom Poms is unmatched. They are the most durable of all Pom Poms, which makes them suitable for repeated and extensive usage over time.

Cheer teams can use them for multiple performances and events without worrying about them getting frayed or tangled, like plastic ones. The high-quality materials used to create

Holographic Pom Poms make them a mid-range to expensive type of Pom Poms. The cost of

Holographic Pom Poms is more than other types, but they are a great investment for cheer teams that perform frequently or compete regularly.

Pom Pom Maintenance and Storage

After purchasing any type of Pom Poms, it’s essential to take good care of them to improve their durability and extend their lifespan. With proper storage and maintenance, any type of Pom Poms can last for quite some time.

The first step in taking care of your Pom Poms is proper storage. You should store them in a cool, dry place to avoid tangling of the fibers.

Avoid leaving them exposed to sunlight, which might bleach their color or make them look old and dull. Pom Poms should be cleaned regularly to maintain their brilliance and cleanliness.

They can be washed by hand or in a washing machine using cold water and mild detergent. Rinse them thoroughly and air-dry them.

A brush can be used to fluff them up for that perfect vibrant look. When using Pom Poms, it is advisable to avoid pulling on the fibers or using them aggressively, as this can damage their structure.

Try to use them gently and store them accordingly.


Metallic and

Holographic Pom Poms remain incredibly popular among cheerleaders due to their unique, flashy, and vibrant appearances.

Metallic Pom Poms are perfect for outdoor performances where their reflective surface can add a brilliant visual effect to the routine.

Holographic Pom Poms, with their rainbow tint, provide a brilliant shimmer that adds to the performance’s excitement. Proper storage, cleaning and gentle handling of your Pom Poms are crucial in increasing their durability, thus investing in the more durable ones make logical and practical sense in the long run.

Pom Poms are an essential accessory in cheerleading, and they come in varying shapes, color schemes, materials, and sizes. They add to the cheerleading performance’s overall attractiveness, contribute significantly to school spirit or competitive events, and can give the cheerleaders that added edge in their performance.

Popular Pom Pom Brands


OmniCheer is a widely known brand that specializes in providing cheerleading gear for competitive cheerleading routines. They offer Pom Poms in a variety of styles and color schemes to suit different preferences.

The company’s Pom Poms come in varying sizes and provide both youth and adult size options.

OmniCheer has an extensive range of Pom Poms to choose from, making it easy for cheer teams to find the perfect match for their team uniforms and preferences, thus delivering the extra oomph to their performances. The company’s prices are mid-range, making them affordable for most cheer teams, with further discounts available on bulk orders.


Andersons is a popular brand that offers Pom Poms suitable for schools and school events. The brand boasts an excellent Pom Pom collection with options for different handle types and sizes, making them perfect for school cheer routines.


Andersons’ Pom Poms come in various colors to suit different uniform colors and school spirit needs. The company’s prices are affordable, making them an excellent choice for school teams working on a tight budget.

Considerations When Purchasing Pom Poms


Pom Poms come in various materials, with the most common being vinyl or plastic. When purchasing Pom Poms, you should consider the material’s durability.

Vinyl Pom Poms are more durable and long-lasting compared to plastic Pom Poms. They withstand repeated use without getting frayed, tangled or losing their fluffiness.


The cost of Pom Poms varies depending on the quality of the materials used, with options ranging from upwards of $50 a set for the most durable up to plastic options that cost as low as $1. Before making a purchase, Cheer teams should consider their budget, the number of sets required, and the quality of the Pom Poms.

Investing in better quality Pom Poms may cost more initially but prove beneficial in the long run for their durability and overall wear.


The length of the streamer strands determines the Pom Poms’ size. Common Pom Poms sizes include 4, 6, and 8.

The most commonly used size is 6, with this size suitable for both adult and youth cheerleading routines.

Pom Pom Maintenance and Accessories

Pom Poms require proper maintenance to maintain their fluffiness and vibrancy. They should be washed regularly to remove any dirt and debris.

It’s also essential to store them in a cool, dry place to avoid tangling and preserve their quality for long periods. Pom Poms can be accessorized with a variety of options, including ribbon attachments, metallic streamers, and tails.

Adding these accessories can enhance the Pom Poms’ visual appeal and create a personalized touch to the cheerleading performance.


Pom Poms add a visual aspect to cheerleading and contribute to the store spirit or competitive events. Investing in Pom Poms requires considerations of durability, cost, and size to ensure the team’s overall performance needs are met.

Popular Pom Pom brands such as

OmniCheer and

Andersons offer a variety of quality Pom Poms options at affordable prices. Proper handling, storage, and maintenance promote long-lasting repairs, ensuring that Cheer teams can rely on their Pom Poms to last a long time.

With the right accessories, Pom Poms can be made personalized to take a cheer team’s performance up to the next level. Pom Poms are an essential accessory in cheerleading, available in varying sizes, colors, and materials.

Cheerleaders rely on Pom Poms to add excitement and energy to their performance, making it more attractive and engaging for the audience. Cheerleaders must consider the durability, cost, and size when purchasing Pom Poms.

Maintaining Pom Poms with proper storage and gentle handling ensures their longevity. Popular brands like

OmniCheer and

Andersons provide great quality Pom Poms at prices that cater to different budgets. Personalization with accessories like ribbon attachments can add more visual appeal.

To succeed in Cheerleading, Pom Poms are a must-have. FAQs:

– What is the most durable type of Pom Poms?

Holographic Pom Poms are the most durable of all pom poms. – How much do Pom Poms cost?

The price of Pom Poms varies depending on the quality, with prices ranging from upwards of $50 a set for the most durable up to plastic options that cost as low as $1. – What is the most commonly used size of Pom Poms?

The most commonly used size of Pom Poms is size 6, suitable for both adult and youth cheerleading routines. – What companies provide popular Pom Pom Brands?

OmniCheer and

Andersons are popular brands providing quality Pom Poms.

– How do I care for my Pom Poms?

Pom Poms require proper storage in a cool and dry place, gentle handling, washing, and additional accessorizing to achieve a personal touch.

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