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The Legends of Ultimate Frisbee: Best Male Players of All Time

Ultimate Frisbee is a fast-paced, high-energy sport that requires precision and athleticism. It involves two teams of seven players each who try to score goals by catching the Frisbee in the opponent’s end zone.

The game is played worldwide, and over time, some men have stood out as legendary players. These players have left indelible marks in the sport, inspiring many to follow in their footsteps.

In this article, we will explore the best men’s ultimate Frisbee players of all time, what they achieved, and how they impacted the sport. Best Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Players of All Time

Subtopic 1.1- Beau Kittredge

Beau Kittredge is one of the best ultimate Frisbee players of all time.

He won several international gold medals, four AUDL MVPs, and six USAU Championships. Kittredge’s success came from his consistency, athleticism, and passion for the sport.

He was a focal point of the San Francisco Revolver team and helped them win several AUDL championships. Kittredge also had a significant impact on the international stage, representing the US Ultimate team in multiple tournaments and winning several gold medals.

Subtopic 1.2- Mark Lloyd

Mark Lloyd is a Canadian ultimate Frisbee player who has received several accolades for his performance. He won the Canadian Male Athlete of the Year in 2015, and he has played for the Toronto Rush in the AUDL.

Lloyd also received Ultiworlds All-Club First Team and AUDL All-Star honor several times. Lloyd has been a force to reckon with in the sport, and his skills have earned him a place among the best players of all time.

Subtopic 1.3- Jimmy Mickle

Jimmy Mickle is another legend in the ultimate Frisbee sport. He is a Callahan award winner, which is the highest award in college ultimate Frisbee.

Mickle has won a gold medal at the World Ultimate and Guts Championships, a national college championship, and a world under-23 ultimate championships. He has extraordinary field vision, a blistering forehand, and the confidence to deliver in crucial moments.

Mickle is a role model to many young ultimate Frisbee players and has earned his place in the list of best men’s ultimate Frisbee players of all time. Subtopic 1.4- Kurt Gibson

Kurt Gibson is a top player who has won multiple championships in the sport.

He led the University of Florida to win the college ultimate Frisbee national championship in 2010. Gibson is also a three-time AUDL champion, two-time USAU club national champion.

Gibson also won several other significant tournaments during his career, which earned him a spot among the best ultimate Frisbee players of all time. Subtopic 1.5- Ashlin Joye

Ashlin Joye is another legendary ultimate Frisbee player.

He played a critical role in the US team that won the 2012 World Ultimate and Guts Championships, and he has won several USAU national championships. Joye is known for his incredible throws, quick reactions, and his ability to read the field.

In 2014, Joye was awarded the prestigious Peter Farricker Award, recognizing his contribution in the ultimate Frisbee sport. Subtopic 1.6- Cassidy Rasmussen

Cassidy Rasmussen is a top competitor and one of the best players in ultimate Frisbee history.

He won the AUDL championship with the San Francisco Revolvers, and he was named Men’s Club Player of the Year at the end of the 2015 club season. Cassidy was known for his accuracy, teamwork, and excellent field vision.

He has been instrumental in the development of young talent in the ultimate Frisbee sport. Subtopic 2.1- Kittredge’s Athelticism

Beau Kittredge is known for his incredible athleticism, which has helped him achieve so much in his ultimate Frisbee career.

Kittredge has a 36-inch vertical jump, which is rare in the sport, and he can complete a sub-4.4 second 40-meter run time. This skillset helped him become such an effective player, allowing him to jump higher, run faster, and respond quicker to game situations.

Subtopic 2.2- Kittredge’s Success

Beau Kittredge’s success is a result of his remarkable skillset and his dedication to the sport. He played for the Colorado Mamabirds during his college years and earned a reputation for being one of the top ultimate Frisbee players in the region.

He later joined the San Francisco Revolvers, and he played a pivotal role in their multiple championship wins. Kittredge’s driven attitude and unwavering focus on his goal have played a critical role in his ultimate Frisbee success.


The world of Men’s Ultimate Frisbee has seen some amazing players over the years, each contributing uniquely to the sport. The players listed in this article have all been instrumental in the growth of the ultimate Frisbee game, driven by their passion, skill, and ambition.

Their performances have earned them spots in ultimate Frisbee history, inspiring the next generation of players to take up the game. Every player discussed above has a unique story about how they became an ultimate Frisbee player, and each one is a testament to how the sport can transform people’s lives.

3) Mark Lloyd

Lloyd’s Playing Career

Mark Lloyd is one of the most successful ultimate Frisbee players in the world. Lloyd started playing at a young age and has been playing for over 16 years, 7 of them at the top level.

He is the first hybrid player in the sport, excelling both as a handler and a cutter. Lloyd has played for many teams, including the Toronto Rush and the AUDL.

He has been named to Ultiworlds All-Club First Team multiple times, and won championships with many different teams. One of the most notable accomplishments of his playing career was winning the AUDL championship in 2013 with the Toronto Rush, serving as one of the team’s primary handlers.

Lloyd was instrumental to the victory, leading the team in assists and blocks per game. Lloyd was one of the first players to emerge as a two-way player in the sport, and his ability to play both as a handler and cutter helped him excel in any situation.

Furthermore, Lloyd won multiple National Championships playing with Canadian superpower GOAT, including one championship in 2013. He has also won multiple silver and bronze medals with the national team at the World Championships of Beach Ultimate.

Lloyd’s impressive playing career has paved the way for getting recognition as one of the best ultimate frisbee players in history. Lloyd’s Management Role

After ending his playing career, Lloyd turned his attention to coaching and management.

He served as chairman of the Toronto Rush from 2019 until 2021. He also mentored the team and worked alongside players to build a winning strategy and environment.

With his leadership and guidance, the team made it to the AUDL Championship Finals in 2019 and had a strong showing during the 2020 AUDL season. Lloyd’s management skills have also been invaluable in running the Toronto Ultimate Club, one of the largest ultimate frisbee organizations, where he serves as Head of Operations.

His experience managing organizations has taught him how to manage and lead effectively. Lloyd has used these skills to help grow the sport of ultimate frisbee in Canada and continue to build winning teams.

4) Jimmy Mickle

Mickle’s Team USA Success

Jimmy Mickle has had tremendous success representing Team USA at the World Ultimate and Guts Championships, World under-23 Ultimate Championships, and World Junior Ultimate Championships. Mickle was instrumental in leading Team USA to gold medal victories in multiple world championships.

In 2016, Mickle led the American team to victory in the World Ultimate and Guts Championships held in London, England. In the championship game, he was the top scorer with five goals and five assists.

Mickle also led the American team to victory at the World Under-23 Ultimate Championships in Toronto in 2013. Throughout the tournament, he was the leading scorer and a critical player in every game.

Mickle scored the all-important goal in the finals to secure the victory and bring home the gold medal for Team USA. In addition, Mickle has also won countless other tournaments representing Team USA, cementing his legacy as one of the best ultimate frisbee players in the sport’s history.

Mickle’s Pro Success

Mickle has had an extraordinary professional ultimate frisbee career, playing for multiple club teams in the United States, including Colorado Johnny Bravo and Dallas Legion. During his time with Johnny Bravo, the team won the USA Ultimate National Championship in 2014.

Mickle competed in the AUDL for the Dallas Legion in 2016, where he was an integral part of the team’s success. He was named the AUDL Offensive Player of the Year that season, thanks to his incredible performance.

Throughout his professional career, Mickle has been a crucial player for every team he has represented. He has helped his teams win championships, and his individual accolades speak to his prowess on the ultimate frisbee field.


The ultimate frisbee sport is a true reflection of athleticism, teamwork, and dedication. The players discussed in this article have proven to be among the best ultimate frisbee players of all time.

They have all contributed uniquely to the growth of the sport. Mark Lloyd’s playing career and management experience paved the way for his inclusion in the ultimate frisbee hall of fame.

Jimmy Mickle’s incredible legacy as a Team USA player and professional player in the AUDL further underscores his place in the sport’s annals. Their success stories are inspirations not only to other ultimate frisbee players but also to athletes in other sports.

5) Kurt Gibson

Gibson’s Early Success

Kurt Gibson has a long and storied career in ultimate Frisbee that started when he played for the Colorado College Mamabirds in college. With his outstanding work ethic and natural abilities, Gibson helped his team win the first-ever college national championship title in 2010.

His impressive college career caught the attention of scouts from the top ultimate frisbee clubs in the United States, leading to him having a fruitful career at the highest level. Gibson’s Professional Success

As a professional Ultimate Frisbee player, Gibson has left an indelible mark on the sport.

He played for the San Jose Spiders in 2014 and helped them win the AUDL championship that year. Gibson also played a critical role in helping the Dallas Roughnecks win the AUDL championship in 2016.

In addition, he helped the US men’s team win the 2016 world championship, cementing his place as one of the most accomplished ultimate frisbee players in history. Throughout his career, Gibson has been renowned for his athleticism and versatility.

He has made a name for himself as a fearsome two-way player capable of scoring goals at one end of the field, and disrupting opponents on the defensive end. Gibson’s performance has earned him recognition as one of the best players in ultimate frisbee history.

6) Ashlin Joye

Joye’s Teams and Achievements

Ashlin Joye is a seasoned ultimate Frisbee player who has played with several teams throughout his career. He started playing for the San Francisco Revolver and helped the team win multiple AUDL championships.

He later played for the San Francisco Flamethrowers for three seasons, before joining the Oakland Spiders team in 2018. Joye also won the World Ultimate and Guts Championship in 2012 with the US Ultimate team, and the USAU national championship in 2013 with his home team, San Francisco Revolver.

He won the Peter Farricker award in 2014, an award for outstanding contribution to Bay Area ultimate. Throughout his career, Joye has been known for his accuracy, speed, and agility when it comes to scoring goals.

He has also been instrumental in helping his team win big tournaments, and in the process, become one of the top ultimate frisbee players in history. Joye’s Professional Career

In addition to his club and national team career, Joye has also played professionally.

He helped the San Francisco Flamethrowers win the AUDL championship in 2014, and he also played for the Oakland Spiders in the 2018 season. In 2016, Joye moved on to play with the Dallas Legion in the AUDL, where he helped the team compete in the championship game.

Throughout his professional career, Joye continued to showcase his ability to score goals and play defense. He brought a wealth of experience and the ability to inspire his teammates to always strive for the best and push themselves beyond their limits, further cementing his place as one of the best Ultimate Frisbee players to ever play the game.


The ultimate Frisbee game has seen some of the world’s most incredible players, and Kurt Gibson and Ashlin Joye are among the best. Their dedication, consistency, and natural aptitude for the game have enabled them to achieve significant success and become role models for new and upcoming players.

Gibson’s early college success helped him develop into a world-class player, while Joye’s impressive achievements, both for his club and nationally, serve as inspiration for ultimate Frisbee players worldwide. Their professional careers have been exceptional, winning championships and earning recognition for their talent, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

It is clear that their legacies are sure to inspire generations to come. In conclusion, the article discusses the best men’s Ultimate Frisbee players of all time, including Beau Kittredge, Mark Lloyd, Jimmy Mickle, Kurt Gibson, and Ashlin Joye.

The article covers their incredible achievements, including international gold medals, national championships, and AUDL championships. Each player has left an indelible mark on the sport through their skill, athleticism, and drive.

The takeaways from this article include the importance of dedication and hard work, the impact of versatility, and the power of teamwork in achieving greatness in sports.



What is Ultimate Frisbee? Ultimate Frisbee is a high-energy sport played with a flying disc, where two teams of seven players each try to score goals by catching the frisbee in the opponent’s end zone.

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Some of the best men’s Ultimate Frisbee players of all time include Beau Kittredge, Mark Lloyd, Jimmy Mickle, Kurt Gibson, and Ashlin Joye. 3.

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