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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Basketball Tournaments Worldwide

Best Basketball Tournaments to Watch

Basketball is one of the most popular sports globally and has a wide fan base that enjoys watching competitive games at both national and international levels. While the NBA regularly attracts attention and cheers from basketball fans worldwide, several other tournaments offer exciting gameplay and thrilling moments.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best basketball tournaments to watch, from NCAA’s March Madness to FIBA tournaments worldwide.

NCAA Tournament (March Madness)

The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, commonly known as March Madness, is one of the most popular college basketball tournaments in the United States. The tournament, first held in 1939, features sixty-four teams competing in a single-elimination format.

The tournament begins in March and continues until early April, culminating in the National Championship game that crowns the winner.

Mens and Womens March Madness

Besides the men’s tournament, the NCAA also holds a women’s March Madness tournament featuring sixty-four teams competing in a similar single-elimination format. Both tournaments occur simultaneously and are popular among college basketball fans.

Basketball at the Summer Olympics

Basketball has been a significant sport at the Summer Olympics since 1936. The Olympic basketball tournament draws the best international basketball players from around the world, with Team USA being regarded as the favorites in the majority of editions.

The 1992 Dream Team, composed of NBA stars like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, dominated the competition and furthered the sport’s globalization.

FIBA Basketball World Cup


FIBA Basketball World Cup is an international tournament featuring national teams worldwide, similar to the FIFA World Cup for soccer. The tournament began in 1950 and occurs every four years, with the most recent edition taking place in 2019.

Team USA has been a dominant force in the tournament, having won gold in twelve of the nineteen editions.

FIBA EuroBasket


FIBA EuroBasket is a biennial basketball tournament featuring European national basketball teams. The tournament began in 1935 and has been dominated by teams like Spain, Italy, and France.

The competition is always hotly contested, with several surprises throughout the tournament.

EuroLeague Final Four


EuroLeague Final Four is the most significant professional basketball tournament in Europe. The tournament features the top club basketball teams from various European leagues, with the winner crowned European champion.

Since its inception in 1958, the tournament has witnessed several great moments and legendary performances. The knockout phase of the tournament, where the best teams face each other, is an unforgettable experience for basketball fans.

FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament


FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament takes place once every four years and offers national teams across the world a chance to enter the Olympic basketball tournament. The tournament features several teams competing in a single-elimination format, with the top three teams qualifying for the Olympics.

FIBA AmeriCup


FIBA AmeriCup is a Western Hemisphere basketball tournament featuring national teams from North, Central, and South America. The tournament began in 1980 and occurs once every four years.

Teams like Argentina, Brazil, and Puerto Rico have been dominant in the tournament, playing some top-level basketball.

Spalding Hoophall Classic


Spalding Hoophall Classic is an annual high school basketball tournament held in Springfield, Massachusetts. The tournament features some of the best high school basketball teams playing in front of packed crowds.

Several NBA legends have played in the tournament, including LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

FIBA Asia Cup


FIBA Asia Cup features national basketball teams from Asia competing in a knockout phase format. Teams from China, South Korea, and the Philippines have all won the competition since its inception in 1960.

The tournament always provides exciting moments.



AfroBasket is a biennial basketball tournament featuring African national teams competing for the title. Since 1962, teams like Angola, Egypt, and Senegal have been dominant forces in the competition, highlighting the continent’s love for the sport.


In conclusion, basketball offers so much excitement and emotion, and these tournaments that we have mentioned offer competitive action. From college basketball tournaments like March Madness to EuroLeague, Olympic, FIBA tournaments across the world, fans have several options to choose from and enjoy watching these tournaments.

These events showcase the best basketball teams and players in the world, providing unforgettable moments that stay in our memories. So, tune in, grab some popcorn and enjoy the games!

Basketball at the Summer Olympics

The Olympics are the ultimate international sporting event, drawing the world’s best athletes to compete for a chance to win a gold medal and represent their country on the global stage. Basketball has been a part of the Olympics since 1936, with a men’s tournament held regularly, and a women’s tournament added in 1976.

Olympic Basketball Tournament

The Olympic basketball tournament consists of eleven teams, with eight earning a place via regional Olympic qualifying tournaments, and three getting a chance as wild card selections. The tournament proceeds in a group stage format, with the top four teams from each group advancing to a knockout round.

The competitiveness in Olympic basketball is intense, with every country giving their all to win the gold medal. The host nation gains an added advantage, with the home fans’ support and the chance to showcase their basketball prowess to the world.

The United States is the most successful team in Olympic basketball history, with fifteen gold medals and a record winning streak of forty-two games, spanning from 1992 to 2016.

Great Displays of Basketball

More than any other sport, basketball has been characterized by great displays of international competition. The Olympics have birthed some of the most unforgettable moments in basketball history, cementing its place as one of the world’s most popular sports.

The 1972 Olympic final between the United States and the Soviet Union remains one of the most controversial basketball games in history. The final moments of the game saw Soviet player Alexander Belov hit a game-winning layup, but the circumstances of his score were disputed, with the Americans insisting that the time had run out before the basket was scored.

The 1992 Olympics in Barcelona are credited with cementing the globalization of basketball. The United States sent a collection of NBA stars to the Olympics, resulting in what is now known as the “Dream Team.” This collection of superstars, including Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird, blew away all opposition and won the gold medal with remarkable ease.

The team’s presence brought the sport of basketball to an even wider global audience, and many international stars looked to follow their path to the NBA.

FIBA Basketball World Cup


FIBA Basketball World Cup is another big international basketball tournament, with national teams from around the world competing for the gold medal. The first World Cup tournament was held in Argentina in 1950, with ten teams invited to compete.

The tournament has since grown, with the most recent edition, played in China in 2019, featuring thirty-two teams from across the globe.

National Teams

The FIBA World Cup features national teams from FIBA’s regional organizations: FIBA Africa, FIBA Americas, FIBA Asia/Oceania, and FIBA Europe. The host nation automatically qualifies, with Team USA, regarded as one of the most dominant teams in the tournament, receiving an automatic berth into the tournament.

Tournament History

Like many international tournaments, the FIBA World Cup has had its fair share of memorable moments. The United States has dominated the tournament, with five gold medals since the inception of the tournament in 1950.

They have been followed by Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union, who have won three titles each.

The 2010 FIBA World Cup, held in Turkey, saw the United States regain the gold medal, beating Turkey in the final.

The American team featured a roster of NBA superstars, including Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry. In conclusion, basketball has been a central part of international sports for many years, with events like the Olympics and the FIBA World Cup showcasing some of the sport’s finest moments.

The games have been marked with memorable moments that fans will never forget, and the competition has shown the dominance of some nations and the rise of others. With international basketball continuing to grow, these tournaments will serve as a platform for the world’s best basketball players to demonstrate their skills and make history in the process.

FIBA EuroBasket

FIBA EuroBasket is the premier basketball competition for teams in Europe. The tournament is held every two years and is organized by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

EuroBasket has been a cornerstone of modern-era European basketball, with the best European teams competing in a variety of formats since its inception in 1935.

FIBA EuroBasket Overview


FIBA EuroBasket tournament features elite-level basketball competition from across Europe. The tournament has seen its competitiveness increase greatly over the past years, with more teams now capable of competing at the highest levels.

The tournament is also a platform for up-and-coming talents to showcase their skills and fulfill their dreams of playing at the international level. The tournament usually takes place in late August and early September, with the most recent edition held in 2022.

It features teams from all across Europe, split into several groups and playing each other in a round-robin format. The top teams from each group advance to the knockout stage, in which they compete in single-elimination games until one team is crowned champion.

Most Successful

National Teams

Spain, Italy, and France are the most successful national teams in

FIBA EuroBasket, with these countries having earned a combined thirty medals. Spain has taken home seven gold medals from the tournament, with their most recent win coming in 2015.

Italy, with four gold medals to their name, are the second-most successful team overall. France has also been a successful team in the tournament, with the nation winning two gold medals, three silver medals, and a bronze medal since the tournament’s inception.

These teams dominate the tournament, showcasing their excellent basketball skills and tactics to win medals in each edition.

EuroLeague Final Four

The EuroLeague is the most prominent professional club basketball competition in Europe. The league was founded in 1958 and has since featured Europe’s most prominent basketball teams competing at the highest levels of European club basketball.

EuroLeague Format

The EuroLeague features a semi-closed league design, meaning that there are permanent member teams invited to participate in the competition each year. The league consists of eighteen teams, split into two groups of nine teams each.

Each team plays against all the other teams from its group in a double round-robin format. The top eight teams from each group progress to the knockout phase, which consists of a single-elimination format culminating in the Final Four, where the top teams compete for the championship.

The Final Four is a high-stakes and intense tournament, providing an unforgettable experience both for the participating players and the fans.

Champion Team

The winning of the

EuroLeague Final Four championship is a significant achievement for any professional basketball team. The tournament culminates in a single-elimination format, with the point of no turning back for the final teams.

The champion of the tournament is usually regarded as the best basketball team in Europe, having demonstrated their skills and dominance throughout the competition. The most recent winner of the EuroLeague championship is the Anadolu Efes Istanbul, who defeated Spanish basketball giant FC Barcelona in the 2021 finals.

Anadolu Efes showcased their dominance in the Final Four, beating Maccabi Tel Aviv and AX Armani Exchange Milan on their way to the championship game. In conclusion,

FIBA EuroBasket and the

EuroLeague Final Four are two of the most popular and exciting basketball competitions in Europe. Teams competing in these tournaments have a chance to showcase their skills, win medals and enhance their international reputation.

The success of these tournaments has helped to drive basketball’s growth in Europe and around the world, and fans can look forward to more excitement and outstanding performances in future editions of the competitions.

FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament


FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament is a tournament that grants countries the opportunity to play their way into the Olympic basketball tournament. The tournament prize is a spot in the Olympic basketball tournament, and while some teams may already be eligible, others must compete in the tournament to become eligible.

Winning Team Prize

The primary goal and prize for the teams participating in the

FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament are to secure a spot in the Olympic basketball tournament. The tournament takes place every four years and serves as the final opportunity for teams to qualify for a spot in the Olympic basketball tournament.

It allows nations the opportunity to compete and demonstrate their skills for the ultimate prize at the Olympic level.

Qualification Process

The tournament utilizes a round-robin structure, with eight participating teams knowledgeable and eligible for Olympic qualification concerning qualification events in their respective regions. The remaining four spots are determined through in-region qualifying tournaments.

The tournament progresses through a round-robin phase, followed by the semifinals and finals, ultimately with the final four determined. The winners of the semifinals qualify for the Olympics, while the losing teams face off in a third-place game that determines the final Olympic team.

FIBA AmeriCup


FIBA AmeriCup is an international basketball tournament that involves teams from North, South, and Central America and the Caribbean. The tournament began in 1980 and has been held every two to four years since.

It was initially known as the Tournament of the Americas before being renamed in 2017.

FIBA AmeriCup Overview


FIBA AmeriCup is one of the most prominent basketball tournaments in the Western Hemisphere, with twelve teams competing to showcase their skills and attempt to win the tournament. Countries from the Americas and the Caribbean compete in the tournament, with the winner ultimately being crowned the champion of the Western Hemisphere international basketball tournament.

The tournament features some of the best basketball talent on the international level, with countries battling it out for supremacy in the sport. Fans worldwide enjoy the excitement, intensity, and display of skill showcased in the tournament.

Dominant Teams

The United States, Argentina, Brazil, and Puerto Rico are some of the most dominant teams in the tournament’s history. The United States has won the tournament six times, including back-to-back victories in 2017 and 2022, displaying their highly regarded basketball skills.

Argentina and Brazil have been equally dominant in the competition, each winning the tournament four times. Argentina’s most recent

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