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Top Basketball Drills for Fundamental Skills Improvement

Shooting Drills

When it comes to basketball, the ability to shoot accurately is one of the most critical skills to have. However, shooting accurately is not something that comes naturally to most players.

It takes practice, patience, and a lot of repetition to hone this skill. That is where shooting drills come in to play.

Here are some of the most effective shooting drills that can help players improve their shooting skills:

The Mikan Drill

The Mikan Drill is one of the most fundamental basketball drills out there. It is an excellent drill for beginner players, big men, and players who want to improve their footwork and finishing around the rim.

The drill requires the player to stand under the basket, facing the backboard. From there, the player jumps and lays the ball off the backboard with the right hand, then jumps again and lays the ball in with the left hand.

This process then repeats from the other side of the basket. The drill develops a player’s footwork and finishing skills, improving their touch around the rim.

Partner Shooting

Another effective shooting drill that is simple and requires only two players is the partner shooting drill. It is an excellent drill for beginner players looking to improve their shooting skills.

To start the drill, two players stand at opposite corners of the free-throw line, facing each other. Player 1 passes the ball to player 2; Player 2 catches the ball and then shoots it.

After the shot, Player 2 rebounds the ball and passes it back to Player 1, who then shoots it. Players switch positions after a set number of shots, and the drill continues.

This drill helps improve players’ accuracy and quickly develops proper shooting form.

Form Shooting

To develop proper shooting form and gain a more consistent shot, players must practice the

Form Shooting drill. Form shooting is a simple drill that focuses mainly on the mechanics of shooting.

The drill only requires three players, a ball, and the basket. In the

Form Shooting drill, the shooter stands close to the basket, focusing on the form and mechanics of their shot.

The additional players, positioned on the sides, quickly rebound the ball and pass it back to the shooter. This drill helps players hone their shooting form, giving them an edge when taking shots during a game.

Rebounding Drills

In basketball, rebounding is often the difference between a win and a loss. A team’s ability to rebound can mean second-chance opportunities for themselves and stopping opponents’ second-chance opportunities.

Here are some of the most effective rebounding drills that can help players improve their rebounding skills:

The Superman Drill

Named after the iconic superhero who could fly, the Superman Drill is a fundamental drill that teaches players the basic motions of a rebound. The drill’s focus is on getting low, crossing over, and jumping to snatch the ball.

To start the drill, the coach passes the ball towards the rim. The player then runs to the opposite side of the rim and jumps up to grab the ball, just like Superman.

After landing, the player sprints back to the starting position, and the drill continues. This drill helps players develop their fundamental motions when rebounding, improving their ability to get to the ball quickly.

The Circle Box Out Drill

As the name suggests, the Circle Box Out Drill focuses on teaching players how to box out their opponents when trying to grab that critical rebound. This drill requires multiple players and a coach to operate.

To start, the coach passes the ball towards the rim, and all players must box out their designated opponent. After the first rebound, the coach throws the ball towards the rim again, and players switch opponents to box out.

This drill teaches players the importance of boxing out and helps improve their ability to get rebounds while fending off opponents.


The above drills will help basketball players, both beginner and experienced, improve their shooting and rebounding skills. These drills are a great way to simulate game situations, improving decision-making, and athletic ability.

Employing these drills in practices and games can help teams succeed and give players an edge in the highly competitive world of basketball.

Passing Drills

In basketball, passing is the most efficient way to move the ball around the court and create opportunities for scoring. It is an essential skill that every player must have, regardless of position.

Here are some of the most effective passing drills that can help players improve their ball movement and passing accuracy:

Three-Man Weave


Three-Man Weave is a classic passing drill that has been around for decades. It is an excellent drill for improving players’ passing skills and developing their teamwork and communication.

To perform the drill, three players pass the ball down the court while performing a weave pattern, switching positions after each pass. This drill helps players develop full-court passing skills, communication, and timing.

Three-on-Two, Two-on-One

The Three-on-Two, Two-on-One drill is an essential drill for players who want to improve their passing skills while also working on finishing and transition play. It’s a fast-paced drill that requires two baskets, with three offensive players trying to score against two defenders on one end of the court while two offensive players try to score against one defender on the other end.

The team that scores first gets the ball, and the drill repeats. This drill helps improve players’ decision-making, ball movement, and transition play.

The Hero Drill

The Hero Drill is another effective passing drill that is perfect for improving players’ fundamentals. It requires three players: two passers and one receiver.

The two passers stand a few feet away from each other and pass the ball back and forth while the receiver moves around them, trying to catch the ball with one hand. The receiver then switches to the other hand and repeats the drill.

This drill is great for developing hand-eye coordination, ball control, and passing accuracy.

Defensive Drills

While offense may win games, it is essential to have a solid defense to prevent the other team from scoring. The following are some of the most effective defensive drills for players to improve their defensive skills.

The Zig-Zag Drill

The Zig-Zag drill is a versatile defensive drill that can help players work on their defensive footwork and ball handling skills. In this drill, one offensive player starts at the baseline and tries to dribble past an active defender.

The defender slides the player back and forth, forcing them to change direction while moving up the court. As the player approaches the defender guarding the foul line, they pass to a teammate on the wing, and the drill repeats.

This drill is excellent for improving defensive positioning and ball handling skills.

Defensive Shell Drill


Defensive Shell Drill is a fundamental drill that teaches players how to defend against multiple offensive players and develop proper help defense. In this drill, players are arranged in a defensive formation with four players forming the shell or square, while the other four simulate an offensive team.

The offense moves the ball around the court, trying to score while the defense performs its rotations and staying in their assigned positions. This drill helps players develop proper help defense, communication, and defensive positioning.


These drills are some of the most effective ones for players who want to improve their basketball skills, whether it be passing or defense. When incorporated into a practice routine, they create opportunities to develop skills that can pay off in games, leading to more wins and better performance.

Ball Handling Drills

Ball handling is a critical skill in basketball, and every player must have it. It is the foundation of a player’s offense, allowing them to create shots for themselves or their teammates.

Here are some of the most effective ball handling drills that players can utilize to improve their ball handling skills:

Two-Ball Dribbling

Two-ball dribbling is an excellent drill that can be used to improve ball handling, especially for younger or newer players. Having two balls at the same time will force players to focus on their coordination and ball control.

Variations of this drill include moving the balls in opposite directions, one ball moving forwards and the other ball reversing direction, and pound dribbling and alternating dribbling. These variations serve to build confidence in players’ ball-handling ability, making them more comfortable and confident in games.

Chaos Call Out


Chaos Call Out drill simulates game conditions, with the added benefit of defenders. It’s a high-intensity drill that improves ball control, ball protection, and awareness on the court.

This drill requires at least five players, including defenders. The drill involves players forming a circular area with one player dribbling while the other players are a defender and stand outside the circle.

While the offensive player dribbles, a designated player calls out a card, and the dribbler has to shout out the corresponding color before the defender can touch the ball. If the offensive player secures the ball before being touched, they score one point.

The drill is repeated with different players in the circle, making it hard for the defender to anticipate the next move. This drill helps players develop their ability to protect the ball, make quick decisions, and stay alert in the game.


In conclusion, these two ball-handling drills are among the most effective ones for improving ball control, awareness, and other critical basketball skills. Consistent practice with these drills can make a significant difference in a player’s game, making them more confident and equipped to take on pressure in intense game situations.

By incorporating these drills into their practice routine, players can develop a complete set of skills that will help them excel on the court. In basketball, mastering fundamental skills is key to becoming a better player, and drills are a great way to fine-tune these skills.

Shooting, rebounding, passing, and ball handling are all essential skills in basketball, and coaches must incorporate these drills into practice routines. Shooting drills like the Mikan Drill,

Form Shooting, and

Partner Shooting can help players improve their accuracy and form, while rebounding drills like the Superman Drill and the Circle Box Out Drill can help players develop their fundamental rebounding skills.

Passing drills such as the

Three-Man Weave, Three-on-Two, Two-on-One, and the Hero drill improve teamwork, communication, and ball movement. Finally, ball handling drills like

Two-Ball Dribbling and

Chaos Call Out help players with their coordination, ball control, and awareness.

Effective drills can make a significant difference in a player’s game and contribute to the team’s success.



Why are basketball drills important? Basketball drills can help improve fundamental skills like shooting, rebounding, passing, and ball handling, which are essential to becoming a better player.

2. How can shooting drills help a player?

Shooting drills can help players improve their accuracy, form, and footwork, giving them an edge in game situations. 3.

What is the purpose of rebounding drills? Rebounding drills help players develop their fundamental rebounding skills, such as positioning, boxing out, and jumping.

4. What are some passing drills that enhance teamwork and communication?

Three-Man Weave, Three-on-Two, Two-on-One, and the Hero drill are all excellent passing drills that improve teamwork, ball movement, and communication. 5.

How do ball handling drills help in-game situations? Ball handling drills improve a player’s coordination, ball control, and awareness, allowing them to create shots for themselves or their teammates while protecting the ball against defenders.

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