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Unleashing the Power: A Guide to Choosing the Best Boxing Gloves

Introduction to Boxing Gloves

Boxing is a form of martial arts that requires proper protective gear to ensure safety and prevent injuries. One essential piece of equipment is boxing gloves.

In this article, we will discuss the different types of boxing gloves and the importance of a comfortable fit.

Types of Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves come in a range of sizes and weights, each designed for a specific purpose. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional fighter, choosing the right type of gloves is crucial to your performance and safety.

Bag Gloves

Bag gloves are designed for punching bags and pad work. They have less padding compared to other gloves, making them perfect for training your arms and fists to withstand the impact of punches.

Bag gloves typically range from 6 oz. to 14 oz.

in weight.

Sparring Gloves

Sparring gloves are intended for training with a partner. They offer more cushioning and protection than bag gloves to lessen the impact on your partner during sparring drills.

Sparring gloves usually weigh between 14 oz. and 20 oz.

Training Gloves

Training gloves are multi-purpose gloves that are ideal for both bag and sparring work. They usually feature extra padding and have a more significant range of weight options than bag or sparring gloves

Importance of Comfortable Fit

The fit of your boxing gloves is essential in achieving both maximum protection and performance during training or fighting. Gloves that are too loose or too tight can cause discomfort, affect your hand’s natural position, and lead to injuries.

Natural Position

The natural position of your hand and wrist while holding your gloves is crucial when choosing the right fit for your gloves. A good glove should allow your hands to be at their most natural position; it should not restrict your fist or bend your wrist out of its natural range of motion.

Everlast – History and Background

Everlast is an American fitness brand specializing in boxing equipment and apparel. The company was founded in the Bronx in 1910 by Jacob Golomb, a young tailor who was unsatisfied with the quality of boxing equipment during that time.

Jack Dempsey

Everlast gained its reputation as a leading boxing equipment provider when it partnered with boxing legend

Jack Dempsey in the 1920s. Dempsey was a heavyweight champion who won the title in 1919 and held onto it for seven years.

He inspired many boxers, including

Muhammad Ali, and his partnership with Everlast propelled the brand to great heights.

Products and Sponsorship

Everlast produces a wide range of boxing equipment, including gloves, punching bags, sparring gear, and protective gear. The company is the official supplier of boxing equipment for many renowned organizations like the World Boxing Council (WBC) and the USA Boxing Team.

Deontay Wilder

Everlast also has a list of professional boxers who endorse their products, such as world heavyweight champion

Deontay Wilder. Wilder is nicknamed “The Bronze Bomber” because of his bronze medal win at the 2008 Olympics.

Taylah Robertson

Everlast’s sponsorship extends to amateur boxing, and they are a proud sponsor of

Taylah Robertson, a seventeen-year-old Australian boxer who made her amateur debut in 2017. Robertson’s determination and passion for boxing align with Everlast’s legacy of fostering the spirit of fitness in young athletes.

Mikaela Mayer

Mikaela Mayer, an American professional boxer who won both the NABF and NABO Female Super Featherweight titles, also endorses Everlast. Mayer has been wearing Everlast gear throughout her career and credits the brand for her comfort and confidence in the ring.


Boxing gloves are an essential part of any boxer’s kit and should be chosen with care. The right gloves should provide adequate protection and a comfortable fit to ensure maximum performance.

Everlast is a brand that provides quality equipment and has remained a leader in the boxing industry since its inception. Their products have been endorsed by legendary boxers and have proven to be a reliable choice for both amateur and professional boxers.

Venum – History and Background

Venum is a mixed martial arts and boxing equipment and apparel manufacturer founded in Paris, France, in 2006. The brand’s name comes from the Latin word “Venom,” meaning poisonous.

The company’s logo is a snake with a notable feature: its eyes glow in the dark, symbolizing the “poisonous” nature the brand aims to instill in its products.

UFC and Assassins Creed

Venum’s presence in the mixed martial arts and boxing industry grew rapidly after becoming the official outfitting partner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in 2015. As part of the partnership, Venum provides gloves, fight shorts, and other equipment to UFC fighters.

Venum’s popularity skyrocketed further after its collaboration with video game franchise “Assassin’s Creed”. In 2020, they released official Venum and Assassin’s Creed apparel that paid tribute to the assassin order in the game.

Products and Sponsorship

Venum’s line of boxing gloves is among the most extensive in the boxing industry. The company creates gloves for all purposes, including heavy bag training, sparring, and competition.

The brand’s gloves generally feature high-quality leather construction and provide excellent durability and protection.

Jorge Linares

Many professional boxers endorse Venum products, including

Jorge Linares, a Venezuelan professional boxer who has won world championships in three different weight classes. Linares uses Venum gloves in all his fights, citing their excellent quality and perfect fit for his hands.

Vasyl Lomachenko

Another decorated boxer who endorses Venum is Ukrainian professional

Vasyl Lomachenko. Lomachenko is a two-time Olympic gold medalist and also a multiple weight-class boxing champion.

He uses Venum gloves and claims that it allows him to throw softer punches to conserve energy during long fights.

TITLE – History and Background

TITLE is a brand that specializes in boxing and mixed martial arts equipment and apparel. The company was founded in 1998 in Kansas City, Missouri.

TITLE stands for “Total Inspiration Athlete Legend Equipment,” reflecting the brand’s mission to create products for champions and inspire future legends.

Charitable Organizations

TITLE is a brand with a conscience. A portion of its proceeds goes to charitable organizations that help empower at-risk youth, homeless individuals, and others in need.

TITLE has partnered with organizations such as Youth Education and Sports (YES) and the Kansas City Rescue Mission (KCRM) in its philanthropic efforts.

Products and Collaborations

TITLE’s product line includes boxing gloves, punching bags, protective gear, and boxing apparel for both amateur and professional boxers. The company also collaborates with other well-known brands in the industry, like

Muhammad Ali and

Oscar de la Hoya, to provide its customers with unique and high-quality merchandise.

Muhammad Ali

One of the most significant collaborations in TITLE history was with

Muhammad Ali. The partnership began in 2004, a few years before Ali’s death, with the company producing a line of Ali-branded boxing gloves and other products.

A percentage of each sale goes to the

Muhammad Ali Center for Parkinson’s Research.

Oscar de la Hoya

TITLE also partnered with legendary boxer and promoter

Oscar de la Hoya in 2018. The collaboration involved the creation of a line of boxing gloves and apparel that reflected both de la Hoya’s boxing legacy and TITLE’s mission to create quality champion-level equipment.

TITLE Legacy Fighters


TITLE Legacy Fighters line is another hallmark of the company’s collaborations. This product line features gloves that commemorate famous boxing matches or fighters.

For example, they have a line for

Muhammad Ali that commemorated his first fight against Sonny Liston in 1964. These gloves feature a unique design that displays the date, location, and name of the fight, making it a great collector’s item for boxing fans.


Venum and TITLE are two of the most recognizable brands in the boxing and mixed martial arts industry. Both offer high-quality equipment and apparel for both amateur and professional boxers.

Venum’s collaboration with UFC and Assassin’s Creed has brought the brand to the forefront of the MMA world. Meanwhile, TITLE has collaborated with

Muhammad Ali,

Oscar de la Hoya, and created commemorative gloves that honor the sport’s legends.

Both brands have made a name in the industry for their commitment to quality and their desire to inspire the next generation of champions.

Century – History and Background

Century is an American martial arts equipment and apparel company founded in 1976 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The company initially started making martial arts uniforms and belts but expanded to include a broad range of martial arts and fitness equipment.

UFC and Innovation

Century has been a primary supplier of UFC branded equipment since the early days of the organization. Century collaborates with the UFC to create unique training equipment such as gloves, pads, and bags that reflect the sport’s traditions and modern technology.

Self-Testing and Collaborations

Century’s innovation has not slowed down, as the company recently introduced a patented technology capable of measuring the force and velocity of a punch or kick during training called “Powerline.” Century has also collaborated with sporting heavy-hitters like

Adidas and IMMAF, further solidifying the brand’s position as the industry’s leading innovator.


In 2019, Century partnered with

Adidas to create an ideal hybrid training apparatus. This pairing created a brand new product line of martial arts and combat sports training equipment and apparel.

The new line features technology advanced pieces that meet both the physical and psychological needs of martial artists and combat sports athletes.


Century also has a partnership with the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF), the global governing body of amateur mixed martial arts. Century provides official IMMAF-licensed equipment and apparel, helping its athletes train and compete safely.

Hayabusa – History and Background

Hayabusa is a Canadian-based martial arts equipment and apparel company founded in 2006. The name “Hayabusa” means “falcon” in Japanese and reflects the company’s commitment to speed, agility, and power.

High-Quality Gloves

Hayabusa’s first product was a pair of MMA gloves designed for professional fighters, which are still among the company’s most popular products today. These gloves are made from high-quality materials and have established Hayabusa as a reliable and quality-focused brand in the mixed martial arts world.

Products and Sponsorship

Hayabusa offers a wide range of equipment, apparel, and accessories for martial arts and combat sports athletes. Hayabusa’s recently announced collaboration with Marvel shows that the brand is not afraid to open to cross-genre appeal, even for its more traditional offerings.

Marvel Collaboration

This collaboration features a series of limited edition martial arts gloves that display prints inspired by Marvel superheroes like Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Captain America. The gloves are designed to honor Marvel’s 80th anniversary, with each character’s design emphasizing their unique personalities and fighting skills.

Amateur and Professional Fighters

Hayabusa has a range of products to suit the needs of both amateur and professional fighters. The company offers hand wraps, shin guards, headgear, punching bags, and other accessories necessary for both the training and competitive aspects of martial arts.

Hayabusa also sponsors both amateur and professional fighters, including UFC fighters like Alexander Gustafsson and Josh Emmett.


Century and Hayabusa are two leading brands in the martial arts and combat sports industry. Both companies have proven to be the top innovators in training equipment, apparel, and accessories, showcasing their commitment to providing martial arts athletes with premium gear.

Century’s collaborations with UFC, Adidas, and

IMMAF showcase their dedication to providing advanced and unique training gear for martial arts and combat sports athletes. Meanwhile, Hayabusa’s Marvel collaboration and endorsement from professional fighters such as Gustafsson and Emmett have made the brand relatable across the varying martial arts communities.

Sanabul – History and Background

Sanabul is a newer brand, founded in 2014, that has become known for its focus on sustainability and diversity. The company strives for sustainability by using eco-friendly materials in its products and reducing waste in its production process.

Sanabul also emphasizes diversity in both its product offerings and the athletes it sponsors.

Tony Jeffries

Sanabul has an extensive sponsorship program that centers around empowering athletes and giving back to the community. One notable athlete they sponsor is Tony Jeffries, an Olympic medalist and professional boxer.

Jeffries uses Sanabul’s gloves and equipment in his training and recommends their products to others.

Community Fund

Sanabul’s commitment to giving back to the community goes beyond just sponsoring athletes. The company launched a community fund in 2020 that provides grants to gyms and organizations that help empower disadvantaged communities through martial arts and fitness training.

NASA and Star Wars-Inspired Gear

Sanabul also has a fun side with its line of NASA and Star Wars-inspired gear. These gloves and equipment feature designs inspired by the iconic space agency and movie franchise, making them popular collector’s items for fans of both martial arts and science fiction.

Honorable Mentions

There are a few other martial arts and combat sports brands worth mentioning, such as Boon, Cleto Reyes,

Fairtex, Gold BJJ,


Pro Impact, Ring to Cage, Superare, TOP King, Trideer, and Winning.


Boon is a Thai brand that specializes in Muay Thai equipment, known for its quality gloves and shin guards. The gloves are made from top-grain leather and come in different sizes and weights for training, sparring, and competition.

Cleto Reyes

Cleto Reyes is a Mexican manufacturer of boxing gloves, respected for its high-quality gloves used by professional boxers worldwide. The company’s gloves feature a traditional design with unique padding compared to other gloves, allowing for increased comfort during long training sessions.


Fairtex is a Thailand-based martial arts equipment manufacturer specializing in Muay Thai gear. They produce gloves, shin guards, headgear, and various training equipment made with high-quality craftsmanship and durable materials.

Gold BJJ

Gold BJJ is an American-based company that produces Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) gear and apparel. The brand’s products are designed by BJJ practitioners, with a focus on creating comfortable and practical products for both training and competing.


Grant is a Mexican-based company known for its high-end, custom-made boxing gloves, worn by professional fighters such as Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao.

Grant gloves are known for their durability, exquisite design and distinct padding which allows boxers to maintain hand dexterity and mobility

Pro Impact

Pro Impact offers a range of martial arts and boxing gear, including gloves, heavy bags, and other training equipment. The brand is known for its affordable pricing and suitability for both amateur and professional fighters.

Ring to Cage

Ring to Cage manufactures boxing and MMA gear, including gloves, headgear, and punching bags. The brand’s gloves are known for their high-quality materials and durability, making them an excellent choice for professional fighters.


Superare is a New York-based brand that produces combat sports equipment and apparel, with a focus on design and style. The brand offers unique designs, such as collaborations with artists like Alec Monopoly and collaborations with pop culture entities.

TOP King

TOP King produces high-quality Muay Thai and combat sports equipment. The brand is highly sought after by martial artists worldwide because of its reputation for its quality and innovations in glove design.


Trideer is a lesser-known brand that offers affordable gloves, wraps, and other martial arts equipment. They offer different sizes and weights for their glove selection, making it an ideal brand for beginners or those on a budget.


Winning is a Japanese company that produces high-end boxing gloves and equipment. The brand is known for its innovative designs and use of materials such as foam padding and horsehair to produce gloves that are both comfortable and protective.

In summary, the world of martial arts and combat sports is full of brands dedicated to providing high

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